WHO are WE?

(We're a me)

It's about you, not us

The brainchild of James Routledge a Serial Entrepreneur who’s worked with clients in every situation from surviving on the last £10,000 in the bank to Eight figure budgets to innovate disrupted markets.

James saw a huge need for traditional consulting to be made way more accountable than just the pretty Powerpoint no one reads after the hand over.

Investing in change, not PPTX's

Leancup’s model is simple, the person you meet is the one you work with, they are in the office every day and what you pay for has to come from outcomes this person agrees to hit.

Leancup measures everything against metrics, even challenges like building innovation culture (yes, you can measure that).

Unlimited scale, using the best of the best

Traditional consulting also has one big limitation, your business is the people you employee and as soon as you have them you have to keep them fed which leads taking on work for the sake of the business, not the sake of the customer.

Leancup only has one employee, James, everyone else is hand picked per client as the best at what they do. It’s a collaboration between the top consultants across Europe and the USA.

You'll get top of market cross-skilled individuals solve problems other agencies need a whole team for.